Tracking field interference

Good weekend for training

A little Rest and Recreation this weekend

A little training

Happy Easter 2018

Spring Break 2018

Happy Spring Equinox !!!

D-Boxerteers training

Lazy Sunday

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

Happy Friday !!!

A day in the life of a D-Boxerteer

Our boy Atlas and some training

D-Boxerteers training

Happy Friday !!!

Throwback Thursday

A Little Training with D-Boxerteers

Happy Friday !!!

Training with distractions

Happy Year of the Dog 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Mardi Gras 2018

Winter Olympics 2018 - GO TEAM USA !!!

Happy Friday !!!

Super Bowl 2018

Miludee Boxers' D-Boxerteers

Working on our heeling

Wet and cold tracking

Friday !!!

New Tracking Flag

Friday !!!

Happy New Year !!! Back to work