Sammy aka Tekoneva's Uptown Girl, BH, CGC our 4th boxer and our 3rd girl. Sammy was a pistol, she beat Thor at everything. Sammy was a girl with an attitude but a nice girl.

Sammy earned her BH and CGC titles.  Sammy preferred to play with Boomer and Thor than train and earned titles, so we let her, after all Sammy was our princess. 

Sammy learned to track she probably would of won against Tygger in tracking, Sammy was more thorough than Tygger. Sammy also learned obedience, agility, and carting.

Sammy crossed the rainbow bridge at almost 10.5 years of age, did not fully recovered from a cancer operation, the vet did all he could for her. We were heartbroken, Sammy was our little girl. We remember Sammy and miss her every day.