Boomer aka Boxnen's Flaming Starr, was to be my husband's sports boxer, Boomer had other ideas.  Our little boy was the last of what we affectionately called D-Boxer Pack, which included Tygger, Thor, Sammy and Boomer. Boomer was our 5th boxer and 2nd male.

Boomer was one of those boxers people call "independent", smart, learned quickly, but independent. Boomer became Sammy's play buddy, while Thor became my sports boxer.  

Boomer learned tracking, obedience, agility and carting, he was more interested in being Sammy's buddy than competing for titles.

Boomer crossed the rainbow bridge at 10 years 10 months, the vet said natural causes, we think Boomer missed his buddies Sammy and Thor.  We remember Boomer and miss him every day.